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Putting Health & Safety First

Problems with employee, student, and volunteer drug abuse can lead to a serious loss of safety standards, which can result in injuries that cost your organization significantly. Even in the event you avoid injury or other safety problems, drug abuse can lead to a significant loss of productivity that impacts your mission. By partnering with Validity Screening Solutions, organizations can protect their bottom lines and reduce their risk for liability.

Drug Testing With Validity

With our emphasis on customized solutions, Validity can ensure that your employee drug testing program is completely personalized to the unique needs of your organization.

By partnering with our team, Clients get the benefit of a fast, simplified drug testing process through web-enabled, mobile-compatible ordering. No more tedious back-and-forth, lost forms, or confusion! Our extensive network of over 5,000 affiliated collection sites nationwide allows organizations to more efficiently coordinate their own drug testing programs—all from a single dashboard.

Our Comprehensive Process

Step 1

The process starts with Validity's ordering platform. Applicants provide their identification information through an online portal.

Step 2

That information is used to provide organizations with a list of collection sites nearest to the applicant's location.

Step 3

Select a location from an interactive map, and the applicant will receive an authorization form that includes the address and telephone number of the collection site, along with an assigned deadline.

Step 4

Applicants will receive a barcode to register at the collection site. Organizations will receive real-time status updates throughout the entire process.

Have The Law On Your Side

When adopting an employee drug testing program, it’s critical to have a detailed policy that clearly outlines the reasons for testing and the associated procedures. Validity can provide support and resources during this process, including the identification of federal and/or state laws that may affect your particular program. Our compliance management covers all of the following:

  • Employer State Compliance Guides
  • Mandatory State Statutes and Regulations
  • Federal DOT Rules
  • Union Issues
  • ADA Issues
  • Program Checklists

Benefits of Partnering With Validity

We aren't like most companies in our industry, and that's the point. Partnering with Validity offers a number of unique benefits, including:

High-Volume Capacity

With Clients in all 50 states and 180 countries, thousands of organizations across a broad range of industries have trusted us with their screening needs.

Speed & Accuracy

We boast the strictest standards of screening accuracy—with each report hand-screened by a Quality Assurance Specialist—while still maintaining a turnaround time that’s 42% faster than the industry average.

Dedicated Support

No matter your issues, Clients will have access to friendly and knowledgeable screening experts who will work tirelessly to meet their needs.

Streamline Your Program

Validity’s electronic Custody and Control Form (CCF) technology eliminates cumbersome paper documents—even for DOT-mandated testing. By partnering with Validity, Clients can gain access to information from over 5,000 collection sites across the country thanks to our affiliations with eScreen/Alere, LabCorp, and Quest. With the most accurate and comprehensive data available, why turn anywhere else?

Service Options

Screen substance abusers from the candidate pool or comply with federal and state contract requirements.
Reasonable Suspicion
Outline behaviors that constitute reasonable suspicion of an employee being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
DOT Requirements
Organizations with DOT-regulated employees must undergo specific, federally mandated drug and alcohol testing.
Random Testing
The software randomly selects a pre-determined percentage of active employees at specific program intervals.
Post-Accident Testing
Establish a policy to test an employee involved in any type of workplace accident.

Partner With Validity Screening Solutions

Get employee screening services customized specifically to your organization’s needs quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently.

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Drug Testing Fact Sheet

In case you or your boss still need convincing, our fact sheet contains even more info on the benefits of partnering with Validity.

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