Nonprofit Volunteer Background Check

Screening Services For Volunteer Organizations

Protecting Non-Profits & Their Missions

In an ideal world, non-profit organizations could trust anyone willing to volunteer their time. Unfortunately, there are people out there willing and able to do harm to your organization, your people, and your assets. Validity Screening Solutions can help volunteer-dependent organizations by implementing an efficient, cost-effective, and compliant screening program.

How It Works

Validity’s volunteer screening software helps ensure that non-profit organizations can effectively screen candidates by giving them a full, detailed picture of their background. When working with Clients, our team will collaborate with leadership to ensure that all solutions are customized to address the unique challenges facing your organization.

By helping non-profits find candidates that fit their mission through our nonprofit volunteer background check program, Clients can minimize legal risk and ensure their people and assets can remain protected. What’s more, Validity offers special pricing to non-profit organizations to help Clients accomplish their mission, while minimizing the burden of overhead costs impacting their bottom line.

Our Services

Criminal Records

Validity provides the highest quality data via record searches from official court record repositories.

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Drug Testing

Protect your organization's safety standards, bottom line, and workplace safety through comprehensive testing.

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Validity’s verifications team leverages a proprietary database with thousands of verifying party sources and will never off-shore your data.

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Driving Records

Driving records contain moving violations, suspensions, revocations, or expirations on your employee or candidate's driver’s license.

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Social Media Screening

Ensure your company's mission and values are upheld through analysis of risk, culture fit, and high performance.

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Document Management

Effectively manage documentation required for certifications, licenses, student clinical placements, or contractors.

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Continuous Monitoring

Validity can continuously monitor criminal records, social media, health records, and driving records for your employees, even after they are hired.

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Software Solutions

Validity's Compliance Automation Software allows you to avoid the common pitfalls of compliance management in an ever-changing legal landscape.

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New Services

Validity Screening Solutions maintains a commitment to expanding our pre- and post-screening capabilities.

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Benefits of Partnering With Validity

We aren't like most companies in our industry, and that's the point. Partnering with Validity offers a number of unique benefits, including:

High-Volume Capacity

With Clients in all 50 states and 180 countries, thousands of organizations across a broad range of industries have trusted us with their screening needs.

Speed & Accuracy

We boast the strictest standards of screening accuracy—with each report hand-screened by a Quality Assurance Specialist—while still maintaining a turnaround time that’s 42% faster than the industry average.

Dedicated Support

No matter your issues, Clients will have access to friendly and knowledgeable screening experts who will work tirelessly to meet their needs.

Turn to a Partner You Can Trust

Get employee screening services customized specifically to your organization’s needs quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently.

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