Community Engagement

Validity Makes An Impact

Committed to Our Community & Its Members

Volunteerism is a central part of our company culture here at Validity Screening Solutions. We’ve dedicated ourselves to giving back to our community through volunteer work and charitable contributions, allowing our team members the opportunity to make exciting changes in the world around them.

Our Community Service Program

Every single employee at Validity contributes their time to local non-­profit organizations on a yearly basis. In fact, all of our employees receive pay for 8 hours of community service per year!

Beyond giving back to the community at-large, we perform volunteer work as a way of thanking our non-profit Clients (plus, it’s nice to get out of the office every once in a while). In recent years, Validity team members have spent nearly 300 hours volunteering—contributing both time and money to over 30 organizations.

Our Values

Unmatched Quality

We take pride in adhering to the strictest possible standards of accuracy through a rigorous quality analysis process.

Exceptional Care

We hire people who care, and it has allowed our team to produce an exceptional track record for providing support.

Put Others First

Whether it’s for Clients or for our community, the people who partner with Validity will get a team that goes above and beyond for them.

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