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So much goes into the data that you receive from Validity Screening Solutions.

Every submitted background check goes through our online ordering system. Once a background check is ordered, our team of researchers and quality assurance analysts make sure that the report given to you is accurate, compliant, and actionable.

Our Technology

Compliance Automation Software (CAS)

Our online ordering platform gives you the power to submit candidate information for background checks. Organizations are able to create profiles for new candidates, order employment screening services, and review the results when the order is completed. We keep you informed with updates on the candidate's profile throughout the entire process.

Record Searches

When you submit orders for record checks, the information is sent to our network of researchers and verifiers who go directly to the source to access information on your candidate. You can be confident that the content we provide you is the most up-to-date information available.

Quality Assurance

A criminal record’s journey doesn’t end when we receive it. Our Quality Assurance team combs through each criminal record to determine accuracy, verify identity, and check for any compliance issues. You can trust that every background checks you receive from us has been scrutinized for any potential liability.

Data Security

We place the security of Client data as our top priority. Because of the extremely sensitive nature of applicant information, we have multiple levels of security in place to ensure the data is never compromised. From the point of transmission to the storage of your company’s data, we use the latest security tools and practices for your protection.

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