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One of the biggest myths when it comes to employment screening is the existence of an accurate and compliant national database for criminal histories. That’s why, as a leading background check company, Validity Screening Solutions provides record searches from official court record repositories. Organizations should expect the highest quality data when performing checks on potential candidates, and Validity guides their Clients with complete, accurate information delivered in a timely manner.

Working With Validity

When Clients partner with Validity, they get the benefit of working with an experienced team that can provide solutions customized to the unique needs of their organization.

With criminal record searches, Clients get access to electronic court and criminal record data provided by an extensive network of skilled researchers. With this record data, organizations will get a complete and accurate view of their candidates and, as a result, use the information to make better hiring decisions.

Our Comprehensive Background Check Process

Step 1

The organization will request for screening services on a candidate.

Step 2

A record search is performed in each identified jurisdiction of residence for the requested scope; either 7 years or 10 years. If desired, previous names used by the candidate are also submitted for research.

Step 3

A trained and certified Validity Research Specialist sends matching criminal and civil records to Validity's Quality Assurance team for review.

Step 4

Quality Assurance thoroughly reviews results to confirm the identity and completeness of the record. Audits are conducted for each record to ensure FCRA compliance and applicable state law compliance resulting in an “actionable” report.

Step 5

Confirmed records, or “hits”, are denoted with a red flag for easy identification on our clear and concise reports. Results from each search are compiled into a single, compliant report for End-User review.

Know What You Can Expect

41.8 hours is the average turnaround time for a criminal background check through Validity.
Criminal court records are indexed by surname, not Social Security Number. There are no valid resources to query records by SSN.

Why Choose Validity?

We aren't like most companies in our industry, and that's the point. Partnering with Validity offers a number of unique benefits, including:

High-Volume Capacity

With Clients in all 50 states and 180 countries, thousands of organizations across a broad range of industries have trusted us with their screening needs.

Quick Turnaround Times

We directly control over 77% of our court searches, which creates unparalleled turnaround time.

No Hidden Court Fees

Validity only passes along court fees that exceed $20.00 (these are limited to jurisdictions such as New York)

Criminal OmniSearch

Tired of paying extra to get additional criminal record information from multiple counties? Don’t worry, Validity has a solution for that. Our comprehensive criminal history report, OmniSearch, includes a felony/misdemeanor search of every jurisdiction of residence for your applicant within the past seven years. Save money and get the most accurate data possible, so that you can make informed choices for your organization.

Service Features

Official Court Data
Electronic court access and an extensive network of skilled researchers provide you with direct access to the most current and accurate criminal record data.
Quality Assurance
Every identified criminal record is manually reviewed to ensure accuracy, completeness, and compliance with federal and state laws – this results in your report being immediately “actionable”.

Partner With Validity Screening Solutions

Get employee screening services customized specifically to your organization’s needs quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently.

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Criminal Record Fact Sheet

In case you or your boss still need convincing, our fact sheet contains even more info on the benefits of partnering with Validity.

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