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More Accurate Data, Less Waiting Time

Getting the right people to fit within an organization isn’t an easy process, and the previous employment/credential verification process can be one of the most time-consuming and tedious aspects of any search. Partnering with Validity Screening Solutions makes this process much more seamless thanks to our new technology and thousands of verifying party sources. Using our own verifiers and never off-shoring your data, Validity can help you find the right people with a faster turnaround time.

Working With Validity

Validity works with each Client on an individual basis to gain a better understanding of the specific organizational challenges they face, and why they’re seeking support.

We will then design a program focused on solving those challenges through accurate, effective, and legal background verifications and guide you through the onboarding process. From there, you’ll have access to Validity screening professionals and our advanced technology that utilizes thousands of compliant verifying sources.

Our Comprehensive Verification Process

Step 1

To start the screening process, Clients will submit a candidate’s applicable information through iDsource or through Compliance Automation Software (CAS).

Step 2

Once submitted, information is sent to Validity’s Verification Team, where it is divided amongst Validity’s network of specialized verifiers.

Step 3

Validity's verifier network will reach out to individual sources to verify the information provided by your candidate.

Step 4

Once the research is completed, candidate information is sent back to Validity’s Quality Assurance Team for review to ensure all information is accurate, FCRA compliant, and reportable on the candidate.

Step 5

The Quality Assurance Team will flag any information that is inconsistent with what was provided by the Client or candidate, then make the report available for both to view.

Spot These Resume "Red Flags"

Fibs on resumes are much more common than a criminal record.
The most common embellishments are skill sets, previous job titles, length of employment, and falsified degrees.
78% of resumes contain misleading information.

Benefits of Partnering With Validity

We aren't like most companies in our industry, and that's the point. Partnering with Validity offers a number of unique benefits, including:

High-Volume Capacity

With Clients in all 50 states and 180 countries, thousands of organizations across a broad range of industries have trusted us with their screening needs.

Speed & Accuracy

We boast the strictest standards of screening accuracy—with each report hand-screened by a Quality Assurance Specialist—while still maintaining a turnaround time that’s 42% faster than the industry average.

Dedicated Support

No matter your issues, our Clients will have access to friendly and knowledgeable screening experts who will work tirelessly to meet their needs.

Don’t Waste Time Waiting On References

Validity Screening Solutions is bringing reference checks into the digital age. Instead of wasting valuable time waiting on a reference to respond, Reference360 can ensure that you get vital information faster and ensure your organization is bringing in the right people.

Service Options

We go straight to the source, ensuring that you receive only the most accurate and up-to-date information for your candidate's previous employment records.
Validity adds simplicity and saves organizations valuable time by performing verifications of college degrees, vocational degrees, GEDs, and more.
Reference 360
Automatic online reference check software allows you to validate a Candidate's previous employers or references through a secure link with a customizable survey, so you get the data you want without the wait time or expense.
Candidate Permissioned Employment Verification
Tired of expensive third-party fees and waiting forever for employment verification? Us, too! This software is solving that antiquated problem once and for all!
You won't need to search for another issuing agency again. With thousands of resources in our library, Validity can efficiently verify any credential or license.
Our DOT verifications validate past employment, on-the-job accidents, and previous drug and alcohol tests so you can remain Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMSCA) compliant.

Partner With Validity Screening Solutions

Get employee screening services customized specifically to your organization’s needs quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently.

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Verification Fact Sheet

In case you or your boss still need convincing, our fact sheet contains even more info on the benefits of partnering with Validity.

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