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Keeping the Right People in Your Organization

Ensuring you have the right team members for your organization is a full-time job. Even if an initial screening of a person’s background, driving record, and social media accounts all come back clean, frequent re-checks are needed to ensure things stay that way. Utilizing our advanced, customizable software, Validity Screening Solutions can develop a continuous monitoring system tailor-made for your organization.

Continuous Monitoring Systems

Validity works with each Client on an individual basis to gain a better understanding of the specific organizational challenges they face, and why they’re seeking support.

Our team then works to solve these challenges by creating a customized solution. From there, Clients will have the ability to perform both monthly monitoring and annual re-checks to ensure that the people within their organization maintain clean criminal records, social media, professional license flags,  and driving records.

Our Continuous Monitoring Process

Step 1

To start the screening process, Clients will submit a candidate’s applicable information and any desired criteria to Validity Screening Solutions.

Step 2

Once submitted, the information is sent to Validity’s screening team, where we add your candidates to the monitoring program customized based on your organization's needs.

Step 3

We use a combination of software from our other services to continuously monitor or perform rechecks on your candidates. From AI tools to direct connections with various state agencies, Validity's monitoring solutions help organizations maintain a safe environment.

Step 4

Once the check is completed, candidate information is sent back to Validity’s Quality Assurance Team to analyze the results and create a report.

Step 5

We make the report available for your team to review and ask any questions.

What Information Might Be Missing?

Driving Records are critical in mitigating your risk regarding company-related driving, but not every state considers driving-related offenses, such as DUI or DWI, as criminal records.
14.2% of people had flags for misogyny and sexism on their social media accounts—while 10.3% of people had flags for bigotry, racism, and hate speech and 11.7% of people had flags for violence, drugs, and crime.

Why Choose Validity?

We aren't like most companies in our industry, and that's the point. Partnering with Validity offers a number of unique benefits, including:

High-Volume Capacity

With Clients in all 50 states and 180 countries, thousands of organizations across a broad range of industries have trusted us with their screening needs.

Speed & Accuracy

We boast the strictest standards of screening accuracy—with each report hand-screened by a Quality Assurance Specialist—while still maintaining a turnaround time that’s 42% faster than the industry average.

Dedicated Support

No matter your issues, Clients will have access to friendly and knowledgeable screening experts who will work tirelessly to meet their needs.

Service Options

Immunization & Document Management
Validity's enterprise-class Document Management System (DMS) can help you effectively manage critical documentation required for certifications, licenses, student clinical placements, or contractors.
Social Media Screening
Using a combination of machine learning and natural language processing, our software analyzes public online and social media presence for indicators of risk, culture fit, and high performance.
Driving Records
A clean driving record can change. Many organizations are choosing to implement a program to obtain updated driving records on each authorized driver to coincide with liability insurance renewals.
Criminal Records
Electronic court access and an extensive network of skilled researchers provide you with direct access to the most current and accurate criminal record data from the original repository.

Custom Services

Our comprehensive criminal history, the OmniSearch, includes a felony and misdemeanor search of every jurisdiction of residence for your employees within the past seven years. Meanwhile, iDsource makes it simple to upload any number of employees, students, and volunteers in one batch for quick and easy annual re-checks.

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Get employee screening services customized specifically to your organization’s needs quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently.

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Continuous Monitoring Fact Sheet

In case you or your boss still need convincing, our fact sheet contains even more info on the benefits of partnering with Validity.

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