Our Comprehensive Screening Process

Step 1

To start the screening process, Clients will submit a candidate’s applicable information through iDsource or through eJobApp.

Step 2

Once submitted, information is sent to Validity’s Verification Team, where it is divided amongst Validity’s network of specialized verifiers.

Step 3

Validity's verifier network will reach out to individual sources to verify the information provided by your candidate.

Process Steps

  • Heading with repeatable rows
  • Each row gets a title and description and will have animated circles next to it while viewer is scrolled to have them visible, one at a time.
Label Name Type Notes
Vertical Spacing Options process_steps_global_spacing_options group (Clone of Utility : Vertical Spacing Options)
Heading process_steps_heading group (Clone of Utility : Heading)
Steps process_steps_steps repeater