You Can Do Better than FBI Background Checks

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FBI Background Checks


The FBI database search is often toted as being the end-all best option for employment screening. This conversation seems to keep coming up in relation to the gun control debate, bleeding into employment screening as well.

“It’s the FBI. They have the best info, right?”

I believe that this notion primarily comes from the trust associated with the FBI as a brand. This makes people assume that this is the best option out there, but it isn’t.

Why is the FBI database lacking?

Well, because it is a database. And like all other databases, it is only as good as the sources that contribute to it. Not all court record sources are good about keeping up with databases. The information from a recent case may eventually make it to the FBI database, but not nearly as fast as a live research background check would find that same information.

The basic gist is that databases do not beat live research in terms of accuracy. Live research goes directly to the court records to gather information on applicants. This is the best way to ensure you have the whole picture.