They Say It’s Your…Anniversary?!?

LinkedIn announced my “work anniversary” during June and I received some truly appreciated notes from friends and clients across the country.

Thought I’d share a bit of history (you have some free time, right?) about this date.

I actually began building the framework for this company in 1992 while in the employ of another company. After creating a successful screening practice with some wonderful people, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase the division.

I officially became a business owner on August 4, 2004.

So, why June 2006?

For almost two years, I worked diligently with money I didn’t have to rebrand the company in my vision. Thus, at midnight on June 2, 2006, from the “business office” of a Best Western outside Branson, Missouri (was picking up my boys from camp), I literally flipped the switch on our new website and Validity Screening Solutions was born.

So is it 28, 16 or 14 years? I don’t know, but each date was critically important in the growth of this company. What these dates don’t reflect, however, are the hundreds of great people that have shared in my vision to serve our clients as we do today.

The “congrats” messages have rolled in, but I honestly feel that a giant “thank you” message is due to my astounding team, our partners and truly appreciated clients.