Ten Reasons Why Your Company Keeps Losing Quality Employees

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  • Buyer’s Market
  • Poor Management
  • Feeling Undervalued
  • Poor Onboarding

It’s 2018, and we’re in a time where cars are beginning to drive themselves, you can do just about anything all from a device that lives in your pocket, and companies are having trouble keeping quality employees.I mean, you can probably order an elephant to come visit your house and do it all from your cell phone! But we won’t be focusing on that. Instead, we’ll be talking about something that’s maybe even more surprising – companies are actually having trouble keeping quality employees. I don’t think anyone saw that coming, but why exactly is this happening? Well strap up and get ready, because I’m about to give you my top ten reasons why quality employees keep leaving your company.


Buyer’s Market    

It’s no secret that we’re in a buyer’s market when it comes to employment. Candidates have options, and you’re only as loyal as your options. So what does that mean for your company? Well, you’re going to have to do more to retain quality employees. Employees want to have fun, they want to be challenged, and they want to enjoy their job. Yes, only you can control your own happiness, but when it comes to an employee’s job, companies have to start contributing to that happiness if they want to ensure they’re not losing quality employees.


Poor Onboarding     

The importance of good employee onboarding is integral in the process of producing quality employees, and then making sure they stay with your company. Onboarding is the process of bringing in a new employee and ensuring they have the necessary information, training and support they’ll need to succeed in their new role with your company. If you do a poor job onboarding, how can you ever expect to keep your quality talent and make them feel comfortable with your company?


Job Wasn’t What They Expected

This one is just unfortunate. It’s possible that maybe you didn’t explain the role well enough during the interview, but a lot of the time the position just didn’t turn out how the applicant thought it would be. This could be for a number of reasons, reasons that may have nothing to do with your company. So be sure to explain the role as clearly as possible on the application and during the interview, but if it just wasn’t what the new employee thought it would be…then you simply have to power through and find that next great candidate.


Employees Feel Under Compensated   

Be sure to have competitive pay for your top talent. Remember that it’s a buyer’s market, which means you have to pay for the quality talent. If you’re not willing to pay for that quality talent then expect for your company to reflect how the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”


Feeling Undervalued

No matter what role someone is in, they want to feel valued. They want to feel as though what they’re doing matters. If you’re failing to value your employees then don’t expect for them to value their job or your company.


Not Enough Guidance

Employees want guidance. In the position they’re in they want to be able to have the opportunity to grow as a professional and to know more by the time they leave than when they first go to your company. You achieve this by ensuring that your managers are not just challenging employees, but also guiding their employees and helping them find what makes them great.


No Opportunity for Advancement

This one is pretty simple to understand. If you’re not giving people the opportunity to advance why would they want to stay? Of course there are some employees who don’t have aspirations to continue to grow, but a lot of the times that quality talent aspires for greatness.


Seeking More Challenging Work

It’s hard enough getting a quality employee to commit to your company, but you also have to ensure you’re keeping them engaged. Ensuring that you’re challenging your quality talent is a great way to do so. If a quality employee is feeling like the job is just too easy or that they’re not getting any fulfilment they’ll then become bored. That will make them want to either leave your company, or they will no longer be a quality employee because you made them this way. 


Poor Management

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say we’ve all had a bad boss. For whatever reason that boss was just not a good fit for your development. So what did you do when you had a bad boss? How did that bad boss make you feel? A quality employee will no longer want to stay with your company, and may even start to have resentment towards your company. So be sure you have a strong leadership team to ensure this isn’t the reason why you’re losing quality employees.


Poor Company Culture

I’m always advocating that every company needs to have a fun company culture. If it’s not fun or even bearable to be in your office why would anyone want to stay? Having that strong and fun company culture can ensure that people enjoy coming to work (even on Mondays) and are inspired to do their best for your company.


Closing Thoughts 

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