Quality Assurance – The Secret Sauce Behind Our Screening Accuracy

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What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance, not to be confused with customer service, is the key to success behind any good background check, credit report, or verification. The Quality Assurance Team are the ones behind the scenes – ensuring that every piece of information given to a client is timely, accurate, and compliant. In a world where accuracy and reliable information isn’t always easy to come by, it’s important to have a strong Quality Assurance Team to weed out any false or inaccurate information that could be seen by an employer.

How a Quality Assurance Team Succeeds

When conducting a background check or conducting a search using a database program, you’re going to receive a lot of information. And it’s the job of a Quality Assurance Team to comb through that data. For instance, if you search a data base for a “Robert Sanders”, you’re going to get a plethora of results. The Quality Assurance Team ensures their success by being accurate, accurate, and most importantly, being accurate. If information is requested for “Robert Sanders” from Kansas City, MO, but information is instead provided for the “Robert Sanders” from Houston, TX, that can cause a lot of problems. Making sure the Quality Assurance Team is detail oriented, and you guessed it, accurate, in all of their findings is the only way to ensure the accuracy of your reports.

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Quality Assurance Are the Offensive Line of the Screening Process

Yes, you read that right, the Quality Assurance Team is like a Football Team’s offensive line. At every organization you have those that are always in the spotlight – the account managers, sales team and executive staff. They have a lot of facetime with clients, and depending on their role, could even be seen as a face of the organization. They’re the quarterback. But no quarterback can have success without a great offensive line, and that’s where the Quality Assurance Team comes in. The Quality Assurance Team is in the trenches – working hard every day. They’re the ones that ensure the compliance of the product and provide a foundation for the rest of the organization. To make sure that the quarterback can get those touchdowns and have success, they need a great offensive line. And our team is no different.

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