Scam Alert: USCIS Does NOT Request Forms I-9 Via Email

The USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) has discovered that employers have been receiving scam emails requesting Form I-9 information that appear to come from the USCIS. USCIS officials would never request a Form I-9 download, completion, upload or inspection via email, and I-9 Forms are never submitted to the USCIS in any circumstance.

The scam emails will contain the fraudulent email address “”  If you receive a scam email requesting Form I-9 information from USCIS, be sure to immediately report it to the Federal Trade Commission. If you’re unsure if whether the email is a scam or not forward the email to the USCIS webmaster.

To learn more information regarding the Form 1-9 scam please follow the link here.