How to Verify Military Service

The background screening process is consistent among most new hires. When hiring a military veteran, the screening process may differ if verifications are needed. For example, if you’re requesting five years of recent employment history and your candidate is a military veteran, a military service verification may be required to supplement the requested employment history. To verify the details of the veteran’s military service, a DD214 form may be necessary.

What is a DD214 form?

The DD214 form provides proof of military service. The form contains information regarding a veteran’s dates of service, medals, decorations, nature of discharge, military education, and their current status as a separated or retired military member.

Who can request a DD-214 form?

The following individuals are eligible to request DD214 forms:

  • Service Members
  • Next of kin of a veteran who has passed away

If the veteran provides their DD214 form, the legitimacy of the form is easily verifiable. If the form is not provided, it can be requested through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

How is a DD214 form used to verify military employment and education?

When verifying a veteran’s military employment and education, the verifier will use the DD214 form to find a section titled “Primary Specialty”. The information in this section will tell the verifier what the veteran’s job was and what education they received to perform that job. For example, if an Electrician is listed as the “Primary Specialty”, then the veteran passed the education required to become an Electrician.

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