Hiring Remote Employees: Three Reasons Why It’s Challenging & Three Reasons Why It’s Amazing

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Remote employees are beginning to grow more and more in companies. There are many pros and cons that come with employing a remote employee. But are they always the best thing for your company?  

Why It’s Challenging

1. Longer Hiring Process

It takes time to find the right candidate that’s a good fit for your company. When hiring a remote employee, the process has the potential to take a lot longer due to scheduling conflicts and not always being able to conduct an in person interview. You invest a lot of time and energy into making the right hiring decision, but when you’re hiring remote, the time-to-hire can take even longer.

2. Training Is Tougher

The training process for remote hires is more difficult and takes a lot longer. It takes time whenever a new employee is going through the training process for a new job. With a remote employee lack of communication can make training much more difficult. When a remote employee has a simple question, they lose the luxury of being able to run over to their manager’s desk or office to have their question answered quickly. A five minute-process of going over something new or asking a quick question, now takes a lot longer.

3. Fitting Into The Company Culture

It’s hard knowing if your new hire is going to fit into your company’s culture. Having that good fit is important in the hiring process to ensure your new hire can work well within the company. But when you’re hiring a remote employee it’s tough to make that decision when you only have a small amount of face-to-face time with them.

Why It’s Amazing

1. Wider Pool of Talent

Hiring a remote employee means you have your choice of the best talent from anywhere in the world! Your ideal candidate might not live down the street. Having the option to hire remote employees means you have the opportunity to find that perfect candidate. Wherever they might be!

2. Saves Money

Having remote employees has the potential to save your company a lot of money. Having less people in the office cuts down on janitorial cost, electricity, and the need to buy larger real-estate to support having more in office employees.

3. Remote Employees Feel More Productive

This might be hard to believe, but remote employees have the potential to get a lot more done when they’re at home. There are a plethora of distractions when you’re in the office. People coming to talk to you, parties or celebrations always happening, or just hearing someone near you laughing and having a great conversation can all be major distractions in the workplace. These are distractions remote employees don’t have to worry about. With the lack of distractions, such as these, remote employees have the potential to be a lot more productive.

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