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Resources Designed to Make Your Screening Process Easier

Whether you have questions about drug testing, I-9 audits, or remaining compliant in order to avoid hefty FCRA fines, we have you covered.

Our experts have written these ebooks to give you the resources you need to make sure all aspects of your screening process are compliant, up-to-date, and valid.

The Companion Guide

Compliant Background Screening Practices

FCRA litigation is on the rise, and doesn’t distinguish between small or large businesses. Often overlooked, one of the strongest defenses against the costly lawsuits many companies are falling prey to is maintaining an up-to-date and compliant background screening process. Our experts put together this ebook that covers everything from “Ban the Box” reforms to adverse actions.

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Maintaining a Drug Free Workplace

There are many benefits to implementing a drug testing policy for organizations, but building the ideal policy can seem complicated and even intimidating to companies attempting to start one. With that in mind, our drug testing experts crafted this ebook to not only help companies looking to get started with their first policy, but even companies wanting to determine that their policy truly suits their needs.

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Employment Eligibility Verification

The Form I-9 is a two page document with a 70 page instruction manual. There’s a reason up to 76% of paper I-9s have at least one fine-able error on them. With fines starting at $935, your company can’t afford to let the problem go uncorrected. Our compliance experts created this ebook to help organizations address some of the more common situations that tend to arise when it comes to the form I-9, and to simplify the key elements of the entire process.

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Volunteer Screening

Although all too often an afterthought, an established screening process for volunteers helps the success of the mission of volunteer organizations. A screening program ensures the safety and security of the people and places that these organizations support, but still requires guidelines to ensure that they remain FCRA compliant. Our expert team put together this ebook to help volunteer organizations of all types implement the program that best fits their needs while remaining compliant.

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