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Pricing Per State

Driving Record

Each state assesses an “access fee” for official driving record data. Validity adds an administrative processing fee to the respective state fee, which is represented by the listed prices below.

Alabama $20.00
Alaksa $17.00
Arizona $13.00
Arkansas $21.00
California1 $10.50
Colorado $14.30
Connecticut $25.00
DC $22.50
Delaware $34.00
Florida $17.00
Georgia $17.00
Hawaii $30.00
Idaho $17.00
Illinois $27.00
Indiana $17.50
Iowa $17.30
Kansas $23.70
Kentucky $13.00
Louisiana $25.00
Maine $16.00
Maryland $20.00
Massachusetts $22.00
Michigan $22.00
Minnesota $12.00
Mississippi $21.00
Missouri $9.00
Montana $16.25
Nebraska $14.50
Nevada $15.00
New Hampshire $24.00
New Jersey $19.00
New Mexico $13.50
New York $14.00
North Carolina $17.75
North Dakota $11.00
Ohio $12.00
Oklahoma $34.50
Oregon $21.50
Pennsylvania2 $21.00
Rhode Island $28.00
South Carolina $14.25
South Dakota $12.00
Tennessee $14.50
Texas $13.50
Utah $18.00
Vermont $28.00
Virginia $15.00
Washington2 $27.50
West Virginia $19.50
Wisconsin $14.00
Wyoming $18.00

Driving Record Monitoring

Consider enhancing your risk management process by engaging our Driving Record Monitoring program. Automatically scan your employees’ driving record and receive notifications with new offenses, such as violations, suspensions, revocations, DUIs, CDL disqualification, and much more. Ongoing monitoring removes the uncertainty between driving record checks and provides real-time information.

1Per California state statute, driving records may only be requested in conjunction with at least one additional screening service.
2This state requires a state specific authorization form, which will be provided upon request, and is subject to delays.
Pricing is subject to change without notice based upon changes of state-imposed fees and regulations.
Last revised: 10/2023