Safe Gatherings has always been focused on abuse prevention through systems and trainings. Fueled by a passion for protecting vulnerable populations they created a online tool  and trainings to streamline abuse prevention for organizations in the faith based community. They now  serve more than 32,000 volunteers across 42 states. Safe Gatherings has a passion for supporting their Clients work in the community by partnering with them to educate the staff, leadership, and volunteers about how to implement safe gatherings.

This incredible organization trains in every sector but have  a focus in the faith based community. They are passionate about abuse education and prevention and provide resources for training to those who work with vulnerable populations like youth, children, and vulnerable adults. Their first class trainings, systems, and classes are education focused because they understand education is the first step to prevention.

Safe Gatherings currently serves over 10,000 churches and is growing rapidly outside the faith based community as well. Their systems and processes help to alleviate the burden of  abuse prevention and training for  these organizations so they can focus on serving those they’ve been called to serve.

Please consider working with Safe Gatherings!

Contact us at 1-888-241-8258 to find out how your organization could benefit from the screening and training resources they provide in Safe Gatherings for everyone in your organization that works with children, youth, and/or vulnerable adults. Their Mission at Safe Gatherings is to screen and educate staff and volunteers to help prevent abuse of children, youth and vulnerable adults.