In 1978, a small group of emergency room nurses called on the community to provide additional resources for victims of domestic violence. These committed citizens were seeing a recurrence of victims coming into the hospital related to injuries and other symptoms. A task force was created with nurses, the police department, court systems and other community resources. In 1978, the domestic violence task force was introduced to the family of Rosa Brooks. Rosa (who went by Rose) was a generous woman who always helped those in her community, so when she passed away, the Brooks family generously donated her home to the task force.

Rose Brooks Center was established in October of that same year and in 1979, the doors to the new Rose Brooks Center emergency shelter opened. Within 24 hours, all 19 beds were full.

Since 1978, Rose Brooks Center has been committed to its mission of breaking the cycle of domestic violence. We have listened to survivors through the years and created programs that remove the barriers to safety they all face – making their hopes and dreams a reality. Each year, Rose Brooks Center reaches over 14,000 individuals and pets. Today, hundreds of domestic violence survivors, their children and pets, seek shelter while escaping violence each year, while thousands more are served outside of shelter through groundbreaking community programs.

Their comprehensive programming and community partners address systems-change and allow ways to prevent and end the cycle of domestic violence.

Victims and survivors of domestic violence, including women, men, children and their pets. We also support the systems in which we partner with in order to provide education about domestic violence.

30-40% of all monetary donations to Rose Brooks Center are received in just the last two months of the year? These gifts create a substantial impact and help provide safety all year long. Visit or text RBCgift to 91999 to donate. Part of this support also includes volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups. You can visit to learn more or sign up.

Rose Brooks Center’s helpline operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Our hotline can help in more than 100 languages, and we encourage you to call from a safe place.