The founder of Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO) is a medical doctor from Idaho who had 3 children of his own and 3 adopted children (one adopted child has severe disabilities). He and his wife started traveling the world serving in orphanages and noticing the great needs of this vulnerable population. They started a volunteer program through the local university and began sending college-aged students for months at a

time to orphanages to help with feeding, holding, and playing with the orphans. The program continued to grow and has been providing the world’s orphans with love for over 23 years. Besides loving 24-hour care, OSSO helps provide eight orphanages with food, medical care, educational support, physical therapy, counseling, recreational/music/art therapy, and supplies. Thousands of lives have been saved and made better through the love of one man and his family who shared their mission with a younger generation ready to serve. OSSO gives the love and joy that every child deserves. Lives are changed and futures made brighter because OSSO exists.

OSSO has sent over 5,500 volunteers and provided over 1.5 million hours of direct volunteer service to children and severely disabled youth in orphanages around the world since 1999. We have also provided millions of dollars of support to worthy orphanages who provide the love and care needed to give an orphan the life every child deserves. If not for OSSO, many orphanages would have been forced to close their doors or given up on the  children they serve. OSSO never gives up on the children who need us most. The children we serve become part of the OSSO family forever. OSSO truly changes the world, one child at a time. Be part of our team to give the world’s most vulnerable children the life, love, and joy they deserve.

Donate on our website at or mail a donation to OSSO, 5513 West 11000 North #215, Highland, Utah, 84020. To volunteer, visit our Volunteer Page on the website at Families, individuals, and corporate groups love volunteering with OSSO and many return again and again to serve the kids. Be part of something amazing and save the world, one child at a time.

They  rely on their donors to help them continue to support worthy orphanages caring for the world’s most vulnerable children. Even a $10/month donation can provide life to a child in dire circumstances. Every child in an orphanage has been through a traumatic life event to be there, including homelessness, physical abuse, child trafficking, parental abandonment, war, community conflict, severe disabilities, and other traumatic experiences. These children need us. They need YOU. Donate or volunteer today. You can make a big difference in the world in small ways. OSSO can make that possible. Thank you for sharing our mission with everyone you know!