Celebrating 15 Years at Validity with a Free Trip to Cabo

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Trip to Cabo

15-year Validity Veteran, Amy Benz, recently returned from a long weekend in Cabo – courtesy of Validity Screening Solutions. She is the most recent to be able to take and advantage of Validity’s 5-year anniversary perk. Employees who have been with the company for 5, 10, 15, … years are awarded free round trip flights anywhere Southwest Airlines flies with free accommodations for 3 nights at any Starwood Hotel subsidiary (Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt, etc.). Other recent 5-year anniversaries include Joe Damti who went to Orlando and Erika Ricketts who went to New York City. Personally, I think Amy had the best idea.

While they don’t get an expenses-paid vacation, 1-year anniversaries are shown some love as well. they receive recognition through other great benefits such as tickets to sporting events, spa days, or other fun diversions.



Amy and her husband enjoyed spending mornings on the beach, watching whales swim by the resort as they migrate south. They had the opportunity to take part in a sea turtle release, explore downtown Cabo, and enjoy the local cuisine. Most importantly, they took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine with cocktails in hand.


Amy has the record for most time with the organization. In fact, Amy was with Validity before it was Validity. Originally Amy worked with Darren Dupriest, Validity’s Founder, when it was a division of Clarence M. Kelly and Associates. When Darren purchased the background screening division of the organization, Amy took the plunge with him and was one of the founding employees of the company. She had the unique opportunity to see the company grow from the very beginning.


On her return from vacation, Amy was thankful for the unforgettable trip. She is already thinking about what she wants to do for her 20th anniversary.

Validity’s Employee Anniversary Program

Validity’s President and CEO, Darren Dupriest, created the employee anniversary program several years ago with intent to show appreciation to employees as they continue their careers with the organization.

The background screening industry is small and spread out. 99% of new employees at our organization come into the position with little-to-no knowledge of the complexities of our industry. As such, we want to provide a great work environment that encourages employees to stay with the company long term.

The result is a win-win-win. The boss gets lower employee turnover rates, the employees enjoy a great company culture, and the clients enjoy a veteran support staff with several years of industry knowledge.