Bulletin | May

Midway through May, we’ve already seen some changes which may factor into your screening process. To read more or learn the current status of the bill, click the link within each listing.

  • May 13th: the Vermont House of Representatives passed S.110. This bill amends the definition of personally identifiable information to include biometric data and enacts requirements for the collection and handling of students’ personal and educational data.
  • May 13th: the South Carolina Legislature passed S.B. 595. This bill requires background checks for employees of child care facilities.
  • May 14th: the New York Legislature passed S.B. 2625. This bill expands the crime of domestic violence to include identity theft.
  • May 14th: the Louisiana Legislature passed H.B. 303. This bill requires fingerprint-based background checks for employment with a financial institution.
  • May 14th: the Louisiana House of Representatives passed H.B. 99. This bill requires fingerprint-based background checks for head coaches of youth athletes.

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