5 Ways Compliance Automation Software Will Alleviate Account Headaches

  1. We use your Accounting Codes
    Problem- I can’t see which location to bill for this new hire
    Solution -Validity built our compliance software in house from the ground up. We did this
    with you our clients in mind. This means that we have omnipotent control with regard to your
    account set up. For many of our multi-branch, multi location, mixed business corporations we
    solved a the monthly headache of account sorting with an accounting code. When a new
    background screen is run on an individual the person submitting them for services will choose
    from a drop down menu of which location, branch, this person will be working from. These
    codes can be numbers, letters, or a combination to tag your accounts so that everyone from
    the CEO to the secretary will be able to clearly see which location your applicants invoice
    belongs to
  2. Customizable Position Codes
    Problem- It’s difficult to choose services/predict pricing for varying positions throughout
    out our organization
    Solution- we will pre- program position codes so that the person entering the new hire for
    services will choose from a drop down of customized tabs, these tabs will be pre-programed
    with the services you choose. This makes billing easy as well. Curious how much you spent on
    hiring “technicians” across your company for 2020 VS Staffing your HR department? Just
    search the position code for quick downloadable list.
  3. Monthly Billing
    Problem- I dont like individual bills for every single profile we run.
    Solution- We will send you monthly invoices (you select the best reoccurring date) for any
    profiles that have been started during the 30 day cycle. Since Validity doesn’t have minimum
    profile requirements sometimes those invoices may be quite small. Other times, during peak
    hiring, you’ll of course have higher invoices. The bottom of each invoice outlines 3 different
    ways to pay. Choose which ever is the easiest for you. Remember we have live people here in
    our office available to answer questions, call and talk directly to our client care team anytime!
  4. Easy access
    Problem- Individuals in my organization need access to pay the bills but dont need to
    see the actual criminal reports.
    Solution Every single user in your organization can be assign different levels of access.
    Sometime you need an administrator to be able to send “requests” to future employees but
    you don’t want that person to access their results. We can set that up. Alternatively, maybe
    your accounting department doest want to see all the updates from half completed profiles, we
    can set their account up to just see the information most pertinent to their job.
  5. No Extra Fees
    Problem- I dont understand why my invoices (with other companies) vary so greatly
    with background screens that are for the exact same position
    Solution – We dont charge court fees. Most background screening companies pass along court
    fees for each county in which your new hire has lived (often times padding those numbers for a
    bit too extra revenue). At Validity, we only pass along court fees over $20 which applies to less
    than 3% of courts in the whole country.
    Wondering where those hidden fees are on your invoice? Curious what our pricing looks like
    compared to the exact services you’re receiving today. Im happy to take a look at your current
    invoice structure and help you sort through those questions.