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Evolving Workplace Drug Testing Issues 1:03:23

Evolving Workplace Drug Testing Issues

Drug testing in the US workplace began approximately 40 years ago. The test process was reasonably understood for the first 10 years then one complication after another began. States passed laws mandating test procedures, limiting who could be tested and when, limiting consequences and requiring many other details be followed. Recently medical marijuana, a prescription […]

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Social Media in and out of the workplace 1:02:39

Managing Social Media Inside and Outside the Workplace

Social media has presented a new world of opportunities, and attendant risks, for employers. This session will explore various facets of this complex topic and outline best practices for how to both take advantage of social media and minimize the risks presented by social media in the workplace. DISCLAIMER: (1) the law on the topic […]

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Successful HR Strategies 1:02:44

Successful HR Strategies for Building an Ethical Workplace Culture

This presentation will help you assess the degree to which your organization has an ethical culture and the steps needed to build a stronger one that will contribute to your business success. You will look at the current status of workplace ethics, the reasons good ethics equal good business, the elements of an ethical workplace […]

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