Videos: Drug Testing

Evolving Workplace Drug Testing Issues 1:03:23

Evolving Workplace Drug Testing Issues

Drug testing in the US workplace began approximately 40 years ago. The test process was reasonably understood for the first 10 years then one complication after another began. States passed laws mandating test procedures, limiting who could be tested and when, limiting consequences and requiring many other details be followed. Recently medical marijuana, a prescription […]

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Emerging Employment issues from Continued Marijuana Legislation 52:20

Emerging Employment Issues from Continued Marijuana Legislation

As marijuana legalization becomes more common across the country, there are important facts for HR professionals in all industries to consider. As the regulations continue to evolve, employers will have to determine how to accommodate medical marijuana usage and determine various risks for their business. This presentation will explore existing cases of marijuana in the […]

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Drug Testing Legislative Trends 54:51

Drug Testing Legislative Trends – 2016 In Review

Workplace drug testing has existed in this country for more than 40 years. During that time, federal rules have been found constitutional, state legislatures and agencies have enacted more than 600 statutes and regulations; and courts and agencies have issued more than 12,000 decisions regarding a variety of issues that impact workplace drug and alcohol […]

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Drug Testing Thumb 2:17

Drug Testing with Validity Screening Solutions

Whether you have a long-standing drug testing program or are just getting started, we have solutions that will meet your organization’s needs. Get an inside look at Validity’s drug testing process. Read More

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