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Electronic I-9 Management 2:39

Electronic I-9 Management with Validity Screening Solutions

While the Form I-9 is only two pages, there are enough rules and regulations to fill a 69-page instruction manual. Valid I-9 is an electronic I-9 form management dashboard that automates the I-9 process and error-checks your forms before submission – cutting down on labor cost and the risk of fines. Our platform is fully […]

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Drug Testing Thumb 2:17

Drug Testing with Validity Screening Solutions

Whether you have a long-standing drug testing program or are just getting started, we have solutions that will meet your organization’s needs. Get an inside look at Validity’s drug testing process. Read More

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For Educators Thumb 1:32

Background Screening For Educators

As an educator, screening your students is just one responsibility of many. We offer solutions to academic institutions that are specifically designed to help you manage high volumes of students that need to meet screening requirements before enrolling in academic programs or being assigned to clinical sites.

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Volunteer Screening 1:39

Background Screening For Volunteer Coordinators

Coordinating volunteers for your organization is enough work as it is – let alone adding a background screening program to the mix. We’re proud to serve non-profits throughout the US with specialized volunteer screening practices that meet your needs for safety and peace of mind. We offer technologies to simplify the application process and even […]

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Background Checks for Employers Video 1:38

Background Screening For Employers

Employers turn to us for their employment screening needs because of our ability to work with them on their terms. We offer compliant employment screening solutions that meet the needs of employers of all shapes and sizes.

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