For Employers

We don’t place our clients on a virtual assembly line, we take the time to learn your needs and why you seek support. From the creation of a new screening policy to the customization of compliance management software, we design programs to accurately, efficiently, and legally screen your candidates.

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For Educators

Whether you need to create a new student screening program based upon a clinical site’s requirements, implement pre-admission standards, or you simply need an automated drug testing program, our industry experts work with you to tailor these programs to your specific needs.

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For Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteers can be hard to find. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety to fill positions. We’ve authored our own manual designed to help you create an efficient, cost-effective, and compliant volunteer screening program.

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All Solutions

We offer more than just industry-specific packages. Our solutions can be used individually because we understand that every organization has different needs. Don’t pay for services you don’t want, use what you need for your screening process.

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