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Let's Review... 1:00:18

Let’s Review… Preparing, Writing, and Communicating Employee Evaluations

From the employee’s perspective, the performance evaluation may be the most important event in the employment cycle. From the manager’s perspective, it can be the most daunting. This session will give the managers and supervisors who write reviews the tools they need to make sure this crucial function is productive and useful for the company, […]

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Comparing Apples to Elephants - Background Checks 1:01:37

Comparing Apples to Elephants The Different Types of Background Checks

Slides: https://goo.gl/U3UlEq Background checks come in many shapes and sizes. Each of these services have different selling points, focusing on their positive aspects and downplaying their faults. The purpose of this presentation is to give consumers a chance to look behind the curtain, seeing what they are actually getting with each type of background check. […]

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Accountability with Authority 49:38

Accountability Without Authority – The Challenge of Staff Roles

Staff roles such as accounting, information systems, human resources and even marketing, are often accountable for organizational performance but so often have no authority over people and processes to make things happen. Personal leadership and influence are often the only critical skills one can use to make change happen. DISCLAIMER: (1) the law on the […]

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The National Labor Relations Act 1:03:32

The National Labor Relations Act – Not Just for Unions Anymore

You may be asking – does the NLRA affect us? And the answer is – yes. That’s because, in addition to the right to form and be represented by a Union, the NLRA also creates the right for employees to “engage in other concerted activities” for their mutual aid or protection. Under a series of […]

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60 Second Awareness 52:25

60-Second Awareness: How to increase Your Mental and Emotional Capacity

By increasing your awareness, you increase your capacity. You increase your ability do to more things, in a better, faster manner. You are able to savor more moments, to find the joy, to keep a positive mental framework so you have more energy, and to have a greater ability to know where you are mentally […]

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Effective Judgement 56:38

Effective Judgment: Using Psychology and Science to Make Winning Business Decisions

Some studies have pegged the base rate of bad decision making at 50%. Regardless, it is clear that some people have better judgment than others. As points of reference: — 25% of people on social media have posted something they later regretted, — The divorce rate in the US is 50%, and — Over the […]

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