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Thieves Within: 58:57

Thieves Within – HR’s Role in Preventing Occupational Fraud

Could your organization afford to lose 5% of its annual revenues to fraud? For many organizations, it’s not IF you’re experiencing fraud, but WHERE it’s happening. Although this sounds like a problem for the CFO, HR professionals have an important role to play in preventing fraud and designing and implementing fraud prevention strategies. HR professionals […]

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Effective Workplace Investigations 1:01:05

Effective Workplace Investigations: An HR Professional’s Guide

Human Resources practitioners are in the business of dealing with people and people are not perfect. As a result, employee complaints are a reality in almost all workplaces. When faces with an employee complaint, it is vital and necessary to conduct an effective investigation to keep your company free of legal risk. DISCLAIMER: (1) the […]

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HR and the Aging Workforce 55:55

HR and the Aging Workforce Strategies and Best Practices

Can your organization afford to lose your reservoir of talented, experienced older workers in the coming years? If not, have you done serious strategic workforce planning to analyze the impact of baby boomer retirements and to identify potential skills gaps that could result? This session will look at key HR strategies that should be integrated […]

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EU and Swiss Safe Harbor Programs 59:08

The EU and Swiss Safe Harbor Programs: What HR Professionals Need to Know

European Union and Swiss law restrict the transfer of personal information to countries that do not provide an adequate level of privacy protection and EU and Swiss officials put the US in this category. As a result, in order for companies to transfer HR or other personal data from the EU and Switzerland to the […]

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Successful HR Strategies 1:02:44

Successful HR Strategies for Building an Ethical Workplace Culture

This presentation will help you assess the degree to which your organization has an ethical culture and the steps needed to build a stronger one that will contribute to your business success. You will look at the current status of workplace ethics, the reasons good ethics equal good business, the elements of an ethical workplace […]

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