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The Talk 1:00:13

The Talk – Turning difficult conversations into positive behavioral change tools

In this workshop, gain specific tools and techniques to turn anxiety-filled meetings (those no one wants to attend) into positive experiences that help employees shift their behavior to benefit both sides. Create a follow-up plan; know exactly what to do post-meeting to ensure positive behavioral change. Learning Objectives: Constructive outcome from difficult conversations Decreased fear […]

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Employee Handbook 59:38

How to Write an Employee Handbook with some tips for NLRB compliance

Communication between the employer and employees is critical to an organization’s success. One of the most common ways to ensure a consistent message is through the Employee Handbook. The Handbook conveys important information and clarifies expectations. However, it must be carefully crafted to avoid misunderstandings or misstatements that can result in legal liabilities, especially in […]

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Lessoning Your Liability 1:02:33

Lessoning Liability with Effective Training

Harassment and discrimination complaints are some of the most sensitive, expensive, and dangerous risks your organization can face. How you handle them can make the difference between whether they become lawsuits, and if so, whether you win or lose. Two experienced employment lawyers provide practical, actionable guidance to implementing effective training programs and explain why […]

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Let's Review... 1:00:18

Let’s Review… Preparing, Writing, and Communicating Employee Evaluations

From the employee’s perspective, the performance evaluation may be the most important event in the employment cycle. From the manager’s perspective, it can be the most daunting. This session will give the managers and supervisors who write reviews the tools they need to make sure this crucial function is productive and useful for the company, […]

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Pink Slip Blues 1:08:04

Pink Slip Blues A Walkthrough of Employee Terminations

Presentation slides: https://goo.gl/hWrv96 Whether it be for performance deficiencies or conduct reasons, handing an employee a “pink skip” can be one of the most difficult parts of an HR professional’s and/or manager’s job. The process leading up to, during, and after an employee termination is also fraught with potentially negative consequences for the employer and […]

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Accountability with Authority 49:38

Accountability Without Authority – The Challenge of Staff Roles

Staff roles such as accounting, information systems, human resources and even marketing, are often accountable for organizational performance but so often have no authority over people and processes to make things happen. Personal leadership and influence are often the only critical skills one can use to make change happen. DISCLAIMER: (1) the law on the […]

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Evolving Workplace Drug Testing Issues 1:03:23

Evolving Workplace Drug Testing Issues

Drug testing in the US workplace began approximately 40 years ago. The test process was reasonably understood for the first 10 years then one complication after another began. States passed laws mandating test procedures, limiting who could be tested and when, limiting consequences and requiring many other details be followed. Recently medical marijuana, a prescription […]

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Driving Success Through Practical Talent Management 57:06

Driving Success Through Practical Talent Management

Even in today’s tight and difficult business environment, yearly turnover in the US rests at approximately 16%. Combined with the shortage of technical and trained talent for more sophisticated roles, it is easy to understand that we currently have a talent crises. Many industry professionals worry more about talent survival than talent management, but hiring […]

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The National Labor Relations Act 1:03:32

The National Labor Relations Act – Not Just for Unions Anymore

You may be asking – does the NLRA affect us? And the answer is – yes. That’s because, in addition to the right to form and be represented by a Union, the NLRA also creates the right for employees to “engage in other concerted activities” for their mutual aid or protection. Under a series of […]

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