Videos: Culture

Grab Culture by the Horns and Drive Company Success 1:00:38

Grab Culture By the Horns to Drive Company Success

Research shows that organizational culture explains as much as 45% of an organization’s performance and that top 10% leaders who follow company vision out-produce bottom 10% by 500%. The research also suggests a typical organization only understands about 40% of their “true” culture. The question then becomes, what is a high quality culture for this […]

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Successful HR Strategies 1:02:44

Successful HR Strategies for Building an Ethical Workplace Culture

This presentation will help you assess the degree to which your organization has an ethical culture and the steps needed to build a stronger one that will contribute to your business success. You will look at the current status of workplace ethics, the reasons good ethics equal good business, the elements of an ethical workplace […]

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