Managing Wage and Hour Issues with Non Exempt Employees

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the federal law that creates minimum wage and overtime obligations, directly affects nearly every business in the U.S. economy — and is probably one of the least known and little understood of the many federal laws that regulate employers. This session will identify the most common “hot button” FLSA problems regarding non-exempt employees, and provide strategies to avoid them. These “hot button” issues include ensuring non-exempt employees are paid for all “compensable time,” avoiding liability for “off the clock work” or “time shaving,” ensuring that employees are properly paid for any overtime worked, handling on-call, standby, and waiting time issues, understanding rest and meal time obligations, and sorting through the complicated travel time rules.

DISCLAIMER: (1) the law on the topic presented was current as of the original presentation date, but may have changed since that time. (2) SHRM and HRCI credit is only awarded to attendees of live webinar events. Validity does not offer credit for recorded webinars posted on YouTube.


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