Effective Judgment: Using Psychology and Science to Make Winning Business Decisions

Some studies have pegged the base rate of bad decision making at 50%. Regardless, it is clear that some people have better judgment than others. As points of reference:
— 25% of people on social media have posted something they later regretted,
— The divorce rate in the US is 50%, and
— Over the past decade, the tattoo removal industry has grown 440%.
Although tramp stamps and tasteless tweets are mostly benign mistakes, there are a remarkable number of people whose poor decision-making costs their careers or their businesses the success they deserve. This presentation will uncover the Psychological and Scientific reasons why so many unfortunate individuals who are otherwise intelligent individuals make so bad decisions, why this occurs, and how to turn this around in your own business to make (or help your organization make) winning decisions.

DISCLAIMER: (1) the law on the topic presented was current as of the original presentation date, but may have changed since that time. (2) SHRM and HRCI credit is only awarded to attendees of live webinar events. Validity does not offer credit for recorded webinars posted on YouTube.


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