60-Second Awareness: How to increase Your Mental and Emotional Capacity

By increasing your awareness, you increase your capacity. You increase your ability do to more things, in a better, faster manner. You are able to savor more moments, to find the joy, to keep a positive mental framework so you have more energy, and to have a greater ability to know where you are mentally and emotionally, to deal with everything better and to use your own mind as a mental vacation. The purpose of this workshop is to tap into the incredible tool known as your brain. To become more aware of yourself, and of others, so you increase your capacity and become more effective in everything you do.

DISCLAIMER: (1) the law on the topic presented was current as of the original presentation date, but may have changed since that time. (2) SHRM and HRCI credit is only awarded to attendees of live webinar events. Validity does not offer credit for recorded webinars posted on YouTube.


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