How the referral program works

Refer new clients to us and we’ll give you 20% percent of their first year of business with us

Industry leading background checks done the right way


Validity Screening Solutions Technology 3

Earn commission on everything

We don’t differentiate. Refer employers to us and you’ll receive 20% of the total amount of business they conduct with us during their first year as a client.

Validity Screening Solutions Technology 3

Partner with a leader

Thousands of employers nationwide trust Validity to screen their employees. With everything from FCRA compliance to candidate experience on our mind, we’re the smartest kid in class with the client retention rate to prove it.

Validity Screening Solutions Technology 3

Enhance your sales process

Employers of any shape and size can use Validity. Use a referral to Validity as an upsell opportunity and see it through to the end. We’ll work with you to ensure the highest possible close rate for your referrals.




“Background screening is something that all organizations have to deal with at some point when hiring employees. My clients are often faced with a sea of options and no way of differentiating them. Knowing Validity Screening Solutions’s values and commitment to excellence, it makes it very easy to refer them to my customers and know that they’ll get the service they deserve.”





A winning formula

Our most successful referral partners split the commission with their team – motivating them to use additional resources to source and sell employers on Validity’s services. This not only provides another revenue stream, it provides an income-driven incentive for your team to refer employers to Validity. And with a 20% commission, there’s plenty to go around.

Split the referral with your team

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